Frosty webs

Frosted web

The web above was on one of the lock gates at Wightwick Mill lock on the Staffs and Worcs canal.

The other was by the pavement of a residential street.

Frosted web


Female mallard

Some of the ducks which have taken up residence in West Park, coping when the lakes were almost frozen.




Female mallard

Heron and distorted reflection


A flotilla of ducks had just swum by, hoping I was going to feed them.

That disturbed the surface of the previously dead calm canal just the right amount to give fairground mirror type reflections of the heron fishing on the opposite bank.

Footprints in the hoar and snow

Footprints in the snow

Badger and magpie footprints in the snow

The footprints of a badger and a bird in the recent deep hoar frost. The bird was probably a magpie.

Badger footprints

Another (overlapping) pair of badger prints taken on the same day.

Badger footprint

A badger print from a few days previously, this time in snow. This print is much more indistinct that the ones above.

Pheasant footprints

These bird footprints, with my oversized heel as a size comparison, are from a pheasant.

Fox footprints

Fox prints in snow. It’s a disconcerting characteristic of fox footprints that they all line up pretty much in one straight line.