Places to visit

This blog tries to show the variety of nature which manages to thrive in and around a city like Wolverhampton. Even in the city centre or by the busiest arterial roads there are things to see.

When you stand on the railway station platform, you might see kestrels coming out of their nest: they never appear when I have a camera with me. There is a patch of fly agarics, the toadstool of fairy story illustrations, just yards from the ring road in the autumn. But some places offer better opportunities than others.

Cinnabar moth caterpillar

Within the city boundaries

Interesting flora and fauna are most likely to be seen in green spaces. Follow the links for more details.

Derelict land

Derelict land anywhere in the city is quickly reclaimed to a greater or lesser extent by nature. Even ground which was concreted over will, if ignored, have weeds pushing through the cracks. The weeds support insects, which are fed on by birds …

Around and about

Heading only a little way outside the city’s boundaries opens up even more opportunities for seeing wildlife. Here are some possibilities, most of which can be reached using public transport.

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