Another mushroom selection, Wellcombe Hills

Parasol mushroom

Another selection of mushrooms growing in the Wellcombe Hills nature reserve (see yesterday’s post). These were in a grassy area a little below the high point with its obelisk.

Parasol mushroom

A group of parasol mushrooms, possibly the largest mushroom in this country, were growing along the hillside. Some looked like they had only come up the previous night, while others had caps fully spread.

A short distance further along were a smaller group of white dapperlings.

Mushroom selection, Wellcombe Hills

Bloody Brittlegill

Wellcombe Hills, a local nature reserve just a short walk from Stratford on Avon town centre. We took shelter in a small stand of mixed trees when there was a brief shower. This selection of different mushroom species were in the grass under the trees – most of them species I’d never seen before.