Smestow and Tene

Smestow at Seidson

View of the River Smestow and of one of its tributary brooks.

Smestow seen at Seisdon, Trysull and at Trescott Ford.

Tene Brook just about to pass under the Railway Walk by Lower Penn, and at Awbridge. Both pictures of the brook taken on the same day. Awbridge is further downstream, but the brook there is carrying less water. Is some perhaps extracted for watering fields between these two places?

Ramsoms, still flowering

Ramsoms, still flowering

Ramsoms (wild garlic) still flowering a few days ago, Smestow Valley LNR, by the Railway Walk and the recently opened up woodland near the old nursery.

Textures – slag wall close-ups

Slag, close-up

When iron smelting was an important Black Country industry, huge amounts of slag were produced as a waste product.

Some was recycled, used for building walls. Many of these walls have been demolished in later redevelopments, but some can still be found. These close-ups are from the lumps on slag in just one wall, showing the textures created by cleavages, the sites of bubbles, etc.

#lockdown – Gosling, big gathering

Gosling, big gathering

Fifteen Canada goose chicks in one group, feeding near the side of the West park boating lake. From three different families which, from the size of the goslings, must have hatched at about the same time.

One set of the parent birds right by the goslings, guarding and supervising. The other parents a little further away, on watch.