Heron on a rooftop

Heron on a rooftop

The house whose roof is pictured is on a normally fairly busy minor road. Wood pigeons and magpies are normally the dominant birds perched on roofs. But this was mid-morning on New Year’s Day, and very few motorists were about yet.

Water birds in winter


The swan above is one of a pair which spent the cold spell near the Windmill Lane bridge on the Staffs and Worcs canal, and had what was obviously a frequently met expectation of being fed.

Gulls on a boating lake

The birds in the other pictures were on the boating lake at West Park, which stayed partially frozen even in the temporary thaw around the new year.

Swan - West Park

Birds on a frozen lake

Kingfisher in a bed of reeds

Kingfisher in a bed of reeds

A hand-held camera zoomed in as closely as possible in poor light conditions means there is some camera shake even though the bird is still just a splash of colour in the centre of the picture. But even on an overcast New Year’s Day the vivid colours were unmistakable.

Kingfisher in a bed of reeds

Heron observing a speed limit

A heron observes the speed limit

More on the heron whose patch is around Compton bridge. This time it was fishing from the private mooring which can be seen from the pavement on the bridge (this picture, however, was taken from the towpath).

A heron observes the speed limit

Trees and snow

Snowy scene

These trees in and around the Smestow valley were pictured a few days before Christmas

Canalside birch tree

The snow and the overcast sky have drained the images of almost all colour.

Wintry oak

Canalside conifer

Smestow valley kestrel


This kestrel landed on one of the conifers behind Compton lock to use it as a lookout spot just as I was walking past.

Because of the slippery conditions underfoot, I had only brought out a moderate telephoto lens.