Fox cub

Fox cub

This fox cub is one of the litter which are being raised in the den which I think is a former badger set, featured here.

The cub currently has blue eyes. The fur is predominantly grey, but already shows signs of beginning to turn reddish. The eyes will also soon turn to amber.

The rear view of the same cub (below) shows the darker fur on the ears, and the currently stumpy tail.

Fox cub

This is the largest and boldest of the cubs in the litter, which might have up to seven in total.

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  1. It is indeed the same place and must be the same set of cubs. It’s noticeable how much they have changed in the eight days between the pictures.

    Did you see what the cub in your video was eating?

    I too am hoping to get some more pictures soon, but it seems every evening I try now is one where they don’t come out.

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