Hairy fungus

Hairy fungus

This fungus looks for all the world like a tuft of black hair.

It seems to be a fungus which goes under the the proper name of Phycomyces nitens, and grows on dung.



A starling hanging from a bird feeder, and showing a little of the multi-coloured splendour that the normally black portions of its plumage can take on in the right light.

House spider

House spider

These house spiders are normally seen in late summer and autumn, when the males go off in search of females, fall into a bath or sink, and are unable to get out unaided.

This one managed to get itself into the same difficulty in March.

Velvet shrank fungus

Velvet shank fungus

One of the few fungi which carries on growing even in the cold season. It grows directly from the trunks of deciduous trees, here a horse chestnut.

Frogs and spawn

Frogs spawning

These frogs and frogspawn were in a corner of the pool in Wightwick Manor garden.

The one below seemed to be trying to have a staring contest with me.


There were a lot of frogs, and lots of spawn.