Snow-covered sloes

Sloe berries under snow

Another episode in what has turned out to be a series recording the changing appearance this year of berries on the sloe bushes between the Railway Walk and Barley Field in the Smestow Valley Nature Conservation area.

Blackthorn, snow

Orange mushroom

Orange mushroom

This mushroom put up its fruiting body during the snowy period before Christmas. By the time I noticed it, a lot of the cap had been eaten, and there was a covering of snow on the remainder.

Snowy umbellifer

Snowy umbellifer

The stalks of umbellifers like this are now reduced to hollow woody skeletons, but are still capable of supporting such a weight of snow.

Mallard drake


As the open water disappeared before Christmas, ducks like this one got even more determined than usual to pester passers-by for food.

More snowy landscapes

Barley Field and Tettenhall ridge under snow

Pictures taken after the heavy snowfall before Christmas.

The top two pictures were taken in the Barley Field in the Smestow Valley Nature Reserve. The first picture looks towards the trees of Tettenhall ridge over the trees lining the railway walk.

Barley Field: snow and feeble sun

This was taken facing pretty much the opposite direction.

Smestow valley snowy landscape

Looking up towards the former railway from the footpath leading to the canal.

Staffs and Worcs canal icing over

Finally a view over the Staffs and Worcs canal, which was well on the way to freezing over.

Snow-capped lichen

Snowy lichens on a sloe bush

Two, or perhaps even three, types of lichen are growing on this branch of a sloe bush. The most leafy of them had a cap of recently fallen snow.