Oak leaf

Oak leaves

More colours of autumn: oak leaves still on the trees at the end of November, when most other trees had long shed theirs.

Bird footprints in the snow

Goose footprints

Spot the bird species from the footprints left in the first snow of the winter. Pictured are those from a pigeon, a canada goose and a coot.

Pigeon footprints in the snow

The water bird prints were on the snow lying on the ice on the lake at West Park; the pigeon prints on the lake bank.

Moorhen footprints

Ear fungus

Ear fungus

Described as in the title in recent field guides, but as Jew’s ear fungus until recently. This itself was from an original name as Judas’ ear fungus.

Ear fungus

The name derives from the slight resemblance to a human ear, and its habit of growing on elder trees. According to folklore, the elder was used by Judas when he hung himself.

Heron in the reeds


This heron, whose pictures were taken within minutes of the one featured a few days ago, was standing calmly in a patch of reeds a couple of hundred yards further downstream on the canal that the other.


It gave no sign of wanting to take flight to avoid the disturbance on the other bank.