Showy spiders webs

Spider's web catching the sunlight

This spider’s web was very obvious when the sun caught it against a shadowed background.

Web in a rabbit hole

This one was less noticeable. It stretched across a rabbit hole, presumably currently unoccupied. It was in a deep shadow, but made more visible because it had caught some sand which had fallen on it.

Insects feeding on ragwort flowers

Cinnabar moth and ragged white butterfly on ragwort flowers

This clump of ragwort was proving very attractive to insects early in August. A cinnabar moth caterpillar is near to the ragged white butterfly (above) while the hoverfly (below) came along a minute or so later.

Ragwort flowers with hoverfly

Chapel Ash dawn


Looking down Darlington Street from Queens Square towards Chapel Ash, it almost looks like the former church is rising through a wood.


Keeping this illusion with a closer view meant a very careful choice of where to frame the picture.

Duck and ducklings, Birmingham canal

Duck and ducklings, Birmingham canal

Todays post feature water birds seen on a stroll along the towpath of the Birmingham canal, heading from the city centre in the direction of Birmingham, a couple of weeks ago.

Duck and ducklings, Birmingham canal

This duck and her two ducklings were in a gap in the wall above the canal a few yards from Bilston Road.

Duck and ducklings, Birmingham canal

Bagot goats at Shugborough

Bagot goat, Shugborough Park

One of the historic breeds farm animals at Shugborough Park. If these are indeed Bagot goats, they are descended from the semi-wild herd of Blithfield Hall, on the opposite side of Cannock Chase, and be of a critically endangered rare breed.

The billy is relaxing above, and the kid, below, is eating with a jackdaw seeming to mimic its actions.

Goat kid with jackdaw, Shugborough Park

Water peppermint

Water peppermint with a flower

This clump had just a couple of flowers remaining when I saw it growing at the edge of the river Anker in Tamworth in the middle of August.