Smestow valley kestrel


This kestrel landed on one of the conifers behind Compton lock to use it as a lookout spot just as I was walking past.

Because of the slippery conditions underfoot, I had only brought out a moderate telephoto lens.

Snow on ivy berries

Ivy berries: snow

During the snowy spell, the ivy berries I saw were either covered only by a small cap of snow, as here, or completely hidden in a blanket of white.

Snow-covered sloes

Sloe berries under snow

Another episode in what has turned out to be a series recording the changing appearance this year of berries on the sloe bushes between the Railway Walk and Barley Field in the Smestow Valley Nature Conservation area.

Blackthorn, snow

Orange mushroom

Orange mushroom

This mushroom put up its fruiting body during the snowy period before Christmas. By the time I noticed it, a lot of the cap had been eaten, and there was a covering of snow on the remainder.

Snowy umbellifer

Snowy umbellifer

The stalks of umbellifers like this are now reduced to hollow woody skeletons, but are still capable of supporting such a weight of snow.