Swan dance, River Avon, Stratford

Swan dance, River Avon

Stills of the same pair of swans and their dance performance on the River Avon at Stratford which featured in yesterday’s video. I was photographing the swans for about four minutes, but they were already well in to their act before I arrived, and look set to carry on well after I left.

Irises after rain, New Place

Lily after rain

Irises, petals still splashed with drops of water after recent rain. Planted up against the wall of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust property New Place, Stratford on Avon, so that the flowers are enhanced by the contrasts in colour and texture with the old bricks of the house.

Coot’s nest with chicks

Coot's nest with chicks

Coot’s nest with two chicks: seen on two consecutive days. The first day, only one chick visible. The other might not have hatched yet, might be hidden under the parent bird. Next day two sets of red on the faces of two chicks can be seen, most clearly in the final picture.

Mangalitzas galore, Mary Arden’s Farm

Mangalitzas galore, Mary Arden's Farm

Of all the traditional breeds livestock on Mary Arden’s Farm, Wilmcote, the mangalitza pigs look most like they belong several centuries ago. On a recent visit to the farm, they were the only pig species on show. The ones pictured here were in three different enclosures, one behind the farm and two in the woodland, Coming soon, those which were in two different sties.

Messy eater: jackdaw

Messy eater: jackdaw

Jackdaw on Mary Arden’s Farm, Wilmcote, turning over sheep droppings searching for things to eat. As far as I could see, the bird wasn’t actually after the droppings themselves, but invertebrates which might be revealed by moving them.

Mortal combat: bee style

Mortal combat: bee style

Bee being attacked, probably fatally, by several other bees on a brick wall. The aggressor bees had a nest in the metalwork of the fence of the Mermaid Inn, Wightwick, the fence in turn resting on the low wall which provided the arena for the combat. Possibly the nest being defended from a would-be intruder.