Aug 292016

Southern hawker dragonfly on buddleia flowers

Butterflies aren’t the only insects that can be found on buddleia (so-called butterfly bush) flowers.

This southern hawker dragonfly was on a buddleia in a front garden earlier today. They can be found further from water than most dragonflies, sometimes resting, hanging conveniently at eye level or a little higher, sometimes flying fast, close by as they hunt for prey.

Aug 282016

Blackberry flowers and bud

The soft petals of bramble flowers, and a bud, just about to open, at the end of the spiky stem.

Aug 272016

Delicate figwort flowers opening

Tiny flowers and flower buds growing high on the tall stem of a figwort. The plant can be found growing at the edge of water: here the canal at Newbridge.

Aug 262016

Purple yarrow, Bantock Park

Yarrow with purple flowers growing in the wildflower meadow area of Bantock Park last month.

Purple yarrow, Bantock Park

Aug 252016

Ragwort, flowers about to open

Close-up of the top of a ragwort, just as the flowers were about to open, way back in the middle of July.