Jul 272016

Pregnant squirrel, watchful

This squirrel looked like it was in an advanced stage of pregnancy late last month. Although it looked relaxed, it was keeping a careful eye on me.

Jul 262016

Comma butterfly feeding on thistle flower

Comma butterfly, probably newly emerged as an adult at the end of last month when this picture was taken, spreading its wings to warm itself in the morning sunshine while it ate from a thistle flower.

Jul 262016

West Park gosling: adult feathers developing

This year’s lone West Park greylag gosling sitting and preening by the edge of the lake. Its down was increasingly being replaced by feathers, e.g. on the wings.

The parent birds were keeping close guard just out of shot, as usual.

Jul 252016

Ladybird larva on a fence

There were masses of ladybird larvae, possibly the invasive harlequin ladybirds, on the nettles by the Compton Park pool. A few of them, like this one, had strayed on to the footbridge fence.

Jul 252016

West Park cygnets resting by a puddle

This year’s four cygets in West Park, here taking a break by a puddle near the edge of the lake. The parent birds were, as ever, close by and watchful.

Jul 242016

Carrion crow bathing

A couple of days ago I came out of New Cross after a successful double bypass operation.

To celebrate, a small series of pictures of a carrion crow bathing in a puddle in West Park, then walking away when it noticed my attentions.

It’s going to be a little while yet before I can get out far enough for taking fresh pictures, so posts will continue to use images I already have waiting.

For the moment I’m just glad to be gradually walking a little further each day. All thanks to the efforts of Mr Luckraz and his team in the operation itself, and all the staff of the Critical Care and Cardio-thoracic wards of the Heart and Lung Centre. I should be back to more up-to-date subjects before the summer gives way to autumn.

Jul 242016

Coot chick swimming by

Two of the coot chicks which have hatched this year from the birds nesting on the lake at West Park. There have probably been more young coot that chicks from all the other poolside birds together, but many have disappeared before getting even as big as the pair shown here.

Jul 242016

Groundsel growing on a wall

Groundsel flowering, the plant growing in an insecure looking niche near the top of a wall.

Jul 232016

Muscovy ducks, Mary Stevens Park

Two muscovy duck drakes standing together, one preening vigorously, at the edge of the pool in Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge. The single female, meanwhile, was swimming nearby.