May 292016

Purple petals, above

Purple flowers on a tree (a calpurnia perhaps) growing outside the West Park Conservatory.

Purple petals, above

May 282016

Gosling feeding among daisies

Daisies seemed to be carpeting all the lawn areas of West Park in the middle of this month. This lone gosling was eating either the short grass or other things it found in the grass. It was surrounded by the daisies, and closely guarded by both parent birds.

May 272016

Colour contrast: ceanothus and clematis flowering

Pale pink and dark blue flowers, not one of the conventional colour pairings, and works all the better for that. Flowers on a ceanothus bush with a clematis climbing over it, in a front garden I pass on the way to the shops.

May 272016

Black and blue, beetle

Unidentified beetle or similar insect on a wall, its black colour overlaid with a shifting iridescent blue.

May 262016

Two ducklings, West Park

The first I’v seen of this year’s crop of young birds on the West Park lake – a mallard with her two ducklings. The young birds looked so small and fluffy I thought they were less than a day old. But they looked no different twenty-four hours later (pictures soon).

May 262016

Blackbird on a look-out branch

Male blackbird, alert, on the lookout from the branch of a bush by the side of the Severn at Bridgnorth.

May 252016

Resting on the line: mallard drakes

Two mallard drakes, part of the West Park duck population, asleep or resting balancing on the line of rope separating the boating area from the rest of the lake. It seems a very strange place to choose, but it gets well used.

May 242016

Carrion crow, head to one side

I’m not sure why this carrion crow had its head to one side at the moment I took the picture. It must have been a brief movement as the bird walked to the edge of West Park lake for a drink of water.

May 232016

Green: female damsel fly at rest

Female damsel fly resting on the handrail of the Compton Park pool. This one was active in the early July of 2014.

May 212016

Cygnet: West Park

Swan with one of the 2014 cygnets on the lake at West Park.

There are two clans of swans which have had breeding success for the past couple of years, so that the population had risen to the mid-teens on the lake earlier this year, with occasional spats.

More recently, the numbers on the water have gone down. Hopefully those reaching maturity will have headed off to find their own territories elsewhere, but probably some have been on the islands, brooding.