Jun 272016

Flexiblity: gosling preening

The West Park lone greylag gosling not (yet) getting any more elegant as it grows. Here it was lying on short grass, taking care of its feathers.

Both parents were close by, just out of shot, watching protectively.

Jun 262016

Young coot, greenish water

Young coot chick swimming away from shore in the greenish-looking waters of West Park lake.

Young coot, greenish water

Jun 262016

Peacock butterfly on a rail

Peacock butterfly with ragged wings, which spent some time with its wings spread on the wooden railing of the Compton Park footbridge. A little later it moved to a nearby flower where it continued to warm itself.

Jun 252016

Young heron in fallen willow

Young heron, a regular on one of the islands in West Park, standing in a fallen willow which is still growing as it hangs over the water of the lake.

Jun 252016

Purple lupin in a front garden

Purple lupin flowering in one of the small but carefully planted front gardens of East Castle Street, Bridgnorth.

Jun 242016

On guard, fishing, preening, near the nest

May 28th. Still one and the other of the West Park nesting herons spending its time on a convenient perch to guard the nearby nest, occasionally preening. The other bird nearby in a position where the fishing was better. The few minutes I was there neither bird actually returned to the nest.

Nothing actually visible over the rim of the nest, but the adult pair still acting like there was something worth protecting there.

Jun 242016

Common blue damselfly, female, on bullrush leaf

Looking semi-transparent and much less conspicuous than the male of the species, this is a female common blue damselfly, currently at rest on the leaf of one of the bullrushes in Compton Park pool.

Jun 232016

Nesting herons, both parents about at once

A bumper-sized photoset this morining.

May 27, and after about three weeks when the West Park herons’ nest had always been occupied by at least one of the nesting pair, now both could be seen at once. Frequently close to or on the edge of the nest, sometimes a little distance away, fishing.

Not possible to see clearly inside the nest to discover whether there were any hatchlings, but some of the pictures show an indistinct grey mass which could be the back of a young bird.

I didn’t want to hang around too long, and possibly scare the birds. But they way they stuck around the nest gave some hope they had had a breeding success.

Jun 232016

Hawthorn flowers in profusion

Hawthorns – these were in and on the edge of the Barley Field – with a profusion of flowers at the end of May. Perhaps it’s because I’ve not been getting out so much recently, but the hawthorn seemed particularly abundant this year.

Jun 222016

West Park, cygnets ashore

The then still young West Park cygnets, contorting their necks preening as they stood on the edge of the footpath by the boating lake early one morning. Both parents were swimming right by, watching their chicks.

The young ones were less than two days old, and perhaps on their first visit to the mainland.

Jun 212016

Common blue damselfly, male, resting on reed

Male common blue damselflies resting on bullrush leaves close to the decking of the Compton Park pond, taking a pause from their flights over the water in search of females.

Jun 202016

Young heron, West Park lake shore, another view

The same young heron featured in yesterday’s post. It was still standing in the same spot, on the lookout for fish, when I had moved around to picture it from a different angle.